Guestbook is a beacon for us to further develop the project in the right direction. We place special emphasis on the satisfaction of our guests, which is why we make every effort to make their faces hosted delight and satisfaction.

The following entries are tangible proof that the Kurowski Manor is a majestic place, almost perfect for weddings and other special events. It's a place which is forever memorable, which is a beautiful, natural backdrop for great photography and which has for centuries been appreciated by local residents and tourists.

Those who visited us know what we are talking about. Therefore, as one of the few leading facility of this type, we can proudly announce that we have many regular customers who choose Kurowski Manor as a venue for any family parties (anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms, first communions) and business (company banquets, social events, conferences).

Guest entries
Jan Nowak
Dworek Kurowski rated on: 2
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Damian Stawski
Dworek Kurowski rated on: 1
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