Located less than 2.5 km from Szczecin, a picturesque town Kurów is a truly magical place, surrounded by the history of the robber remarkable vegetation.

Kurów history already dates back to the XIV century. Legend says that on a steep Cliff, was situated robbers castle, attacking the merchants on trade routes traverse the Odra river Battle cry of odra robbers were crowing of the cock, hence the original name of the village.

Robbers stmosphere, determined the old Polish character of the village.

Kurów is also remarkable vegetation, at the foot of the hill are growing yew trees, plane trees. Here is a beautiful manor park and the symbol of village- Robber Oak, one of the most famous monuments of nature in the West Pomeranian.

Nearby Kurów on the Międzyodrzeisland is a nature reserve - Kurowski mud, created in order to save the nesting sites of cormorants, gray herons.

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